For as long as I remember I have been seeing life as a small movie theatre. I look around and I notice details that other miss and having a camera in hand is my second nature. OK, maybe the first as people around me tell me to just leave the damn thing at home and stop shooting. I love my craft and I love my gear. I love what it can bring forth out of the random life happening wherever I look.


Once, years ago, when even touching a film camera was a too rare and expensive moment, I had written a story that later came true. I was a photographer, looking around, capturing moments and bringing them to a second life – some kind of eternity. It took me years to truly understand that it was really me and not some contrived fantasy.


Life goes, life comes and sometimes we just need to go back to that moment that defined us and restart from there. I look around and I see another moment passing by. I capture it and then let it shape another life.