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  • Tiriac Travel

    Tiriac Travel

    luxury travel agent rebranding and subsequent mailing campaign which included a first hand experience of the benefits of the promoted packages, in this case a high end chocolate assortment

  • Vodafone


    B2C multichannel communication Romanian branch re-branding as Vodafone, stationery – including interactive PDFs, store branding, launch campaigns for the brand and different services, information brochures in Romanian, English, Hungarian and German

  • Alfredo


    complete re-branding of the company, new packaging for both the premium and the low end line of products, B2B communication Alfredo ID Book

  • Deroni


    Packaging for rice Some packages have a new branding proposal

  • Realitatea TV

    Realitatea TV

    B2B, B2C advertising and marketing campaigns Press, TV & web ads; programme identity and diplomas; studio & press photography

  • bundetot


    fast-food chain identity, store branding and flyers